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Frequently Asked Questions


  • How long does it take to complete the adoption process?

    Typically, it takes between 1 to 2 weeks from start to finish. It can be much quicker, depending on the response time of the potential adopter and the home check team, sometimes taking only 48 hours.

  • I′m interested in adoption, but I have a cat.

    We frequently cat test our dogs for potential adopters. However, we are unable to test our dogs with rabbits or chickens!

  • I would like to adopt a puppy, is that possible?

    Yes, we have many rescued puppies. At three months old, the puppy will receive his/her rabies vaccination. The puppy can then travel 21 days after, but not before. This is a legal requirement.

  • I work/have young children/live in a flat. Will that exclude me from adopting one of your dogs?

    No. We consider each application on its own merits, although the welfare of our dogs will always be the main priority.

  •  Are the dogs house trained?

    Although the answer must be NO, most of our adopters find that the adult dogs do not like to toilet inside, leading many adopters to believe that their new dog must have previously lived in a home. This is highly unlikely!

  • Are the dogs lead trained?

    No. Although some will walk nicely on a lead, others are so excited that they will pull and therefore need lead training.

  • When do I need to pay the adoption donation fee?

    We only request for the donation payment to be made, once a successful home check has been completed.

  • Where do I collect my dog from?

    There are various drop-off points, currently Grimsby, Derby, South Mimms and Cobham. All collection details will be sent to you one week before collection is due, although you will have been given the collection date upon completion of the adoption process.

  • What happens if the new dog and my current dog don′t get on?

    We have a team who will offer you support and advice to manage any difficult situations. In most cases, issues can be resolved if recommendations are followed through. If there is no improvement, we will discuss if outside support would be useful i.e. a dog behaviourist. If there continues to be no improvement, we will discuss and arrange for the dog to be removed and re-homed.

  • What should I feed my new dog; what is my dog used to eating?

    Our dogs normally have dry kibble, no brand specific, just what has kindly been donated. Some dogs like their kibble to be soaked in lukewarm water.

  • My dog is exhibiting behaviour difficulties. Can you help?

    Yes absolutely! We offer continued support to all of our adopters, regardless of the length of time the dog has been with you. In the first instance, please contact us.

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